Monday, October 22, 2007


It's been two years since my trip to Italy. This is one image that I was so excited about when I clicked the shutter. Then when the prints came back, I was underwhelmed. It lacked the vibrance of the moment. I knew if I played around with it. I could make the final image look like what I saw that day. Finally.... this IS what it was like to be there. This one is definately in the show.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I thought when I started this blog it might be a good way for me to share some of my more amusing Bianka stories. This one was not what I had in mind. Today I left for work a little earlier than usual, but not anything too out of the ordinary. Bianka knows the routine and hopped up in her kennel no problem.

Then I came home to this...

I have a set of pictures illustrating the relative positions of things in near her kennel in the kitchen before I left. Apparently she "walked" her cage about 18-20 inches to across the floor to grab a hold of the kitchen rug. After attempting to pull the rug into the cage with her, she decided to walk the cage back another two feet or so past its intial starting point. There she managed to pull down a jacket I had draped on the back of the chair, as well as a bag of plastic grocery bags set aside for recycling. Most of the bags made inside her cage with her. God only knows if she ate any of them. She also ate a few pretty little holes in my jacket.

Needless to say she was a busy little girl.....just think of what she would've done if she wasn't kenneled.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Feeling like a grown up.

You know it's a sure sign that your getting older when you start getting excited over "grown up" things. Case in point, I just purchased ( as a friend of mine puts it) "Big Girl" Furniture. The new sofa was delivered earlier this week, and I love it! It's HUGE!!! I call it my island of couch. I wanted a sofa that would be good for seating more than 2 people and was good for napping. This one does both quite well. I napped on it twice in the first day.

My dad asked "Did your new couch come with the black "accessory" with the tan trim? It looks good there." Obviously Bianka is making herself quite at home there.

We'll I think I'm off to the "island." (To quote Braveheart: "Its my island.")

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The first post...

Alright, here it is....the first official post to my blog. It feels pretty weird putting this all out there for the world to read. What I have to say and share doesn't feel all that important. Then the whole world isn't going to be looking at my little blog either. Right now I think I'm the only one looking at it.

Lately, I've been really busy. Many irons in the fire as usual. One of the current big projects is putting together my photography show in Yellow Springs. It has been extremely difficult going back through all the photographs from my Italy trip and narrowing it all down. I thought I'd periodically put a preview on this site.

Today's photo is a personal favorite, although I don't imagine that it will make the final cut for the show. But, for anyone that knows me, they'll understand.