Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The latest in Dachshund Security

After weeks of playing "Where did the kennel end up today?" we have found the ultimate in Dachshund security.   My father has installed two tether lines that attach to the front and back of the kennel.  The are mounted inconspicuously to my kitchen cabinets.   It's the best alternative to bolting her cage to the floor.  The only thing is...there are now two more things for me to trip over in the morning as I make my way to the coffee pot.  

I don't think Bianka likes it very
 much. Just look at her face.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The story Behind the Image - Couples

My "couples" image is one included in the previous post for the calendars.  This is the image I get the most comments about.  It was completely a serendipity moment. Again I was wondering Venice, and I came across the older couple walking quite a ways off.   Instantly I thought they were perfect.  I love the fact that he seems to be helping her along.  (Did you see her walking with a cane?)  I wondered what they had been doing...perhaps shopping in the market nearby or maybe he was playing bocci ball.  Anyway,  I was walking very quickly to catch up with them. I had the camera up to my face focusing away, when I heard the footsteps of the other couple passing along side of me.   Without really getting a good look at them I swung the lens to wide angle and snapped the shutter. I was thrilled  when the film came back and I saw the image.  Some of my friends say it reminds them of the "a diamond is forever" commercial.  

Anyway it's a fun little image.  I've made several cards from it. It's great for anniversaries.


Thursday, December 6, 2007


2008 is just around the corner. Here's a sample of some of my custom calendars. I premiered them at the show in Yellow Springs, and the response was favorable. They retail for $28, and can be customized. For example I have two different versions specifically for Rome and Venice. For some reason not all months loaded here. Feel free to check back to view all 12.

I think they are very fun.


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Saturday, December 1, 2007

About the Job

After a few glitches in the system, it's official. I am a University of Kentucky employee. My official title is Imaging Management Specialist Sr. (Sounds impressive...no?)
My office is located in the M.I.King Library, home to UK's Special Collections and Digital Programs. http://ukcc.uky.edu/cgi-bin/dynamo?maps.391+campus+0039

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fresh Starts

I can't believe its been a week already.  I'm still trying to keep with at least one post per week.  This one crept up on me. Just a quick thought, well more of a reflection.  Today is a start for new beginnings. I'm starting an entirely new job with all new challenges.  It's daunting and exciting all at once. It feels right though.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Artful Blogging

Okay I'll admit that I'm new to this whole concept of a blog, but I'm trying really hard to at least do a post a week. Yesterday at Joseph-Beth (aka my happy place) I came across this magazine. I'm a big fan of the Somerset Studios other publications...they have so many now. They are all candy for creative souls like me that have thousands of art supplies just waiting for a project. I can't wait to have a day where I can sit down with a good cup of coffee read it cover to cover. I'm also longing for the day that I can make my way back into the studio and start making stuff. I won't commit to calling it art yet, but stuff will work. That day is near I can feel it!
For more info about the mag:

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Story Behind the Image - Rainstorm at the Colosseum

This was probably my favorite image taken in Rome. It rained everyday in Rome. Often the rainstorms were quick showers that didn't last long. Eventually, I came to welcome the rain as a break from the blazing sun and heat. This particular day was extremely hot. I had wandered through the Roman Forum saving the Colosseum for the later afternoon. I awestruck at he magnitude of the building. To think that something like this could be built at the time it was constructed.
I was trying to imagine how in the world the center of the arena could be flooded for naval battles, when I looked up and saw the dark clouds looming. Within a few minutes it began to rain. No, rain would be an understatement. It stormed. It even hailed.
Like many others I ducked into one of the many archways to ride out the storm. It was amazing watching the storm pass over the structure. It was almost as if Mother Nature was trying to say, "Ha! You think man can accomplish great things, well let me remind you of what I can do." I was one of many huddled into the niches for shelter, but it was a solitary experience.
The storm last about 20 minutes or so. Eventually the rain slowed to a gentle shower. I stepped out of my archway and saw this man standing with the umbrella. He seemd to be uneffected by the rain.

I don't know. I guess I love this image because it's quiet, which seems odd to say considering it happened during a storm. But for me its a very solitary image which I guess reminds me of that experience of getting caught in the Colesseum in a hailstorm.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Story Behind the Image -- Lady in the Red Dress

Lady in the Red Dress is a simple little image that I have a fondness for. I was wandering the back alleyways of Venice, which honestly was one of the favorite parts of my trip. Most of the time, I wandered the streets without consulting a map. I figured eventually I’d come to the lagoon, and I’d figure out where I was then. Anyway, I came upon this very dark, narrow passageway and was struck by the color of the building at the end of the alley. I love beautiful faded red color. I set up to take a photo, but people kept passing through the scene. After waiting several moments, I thought “It might be more interesting if a person is passing through.” I decided to try to catch the next person that walked by whoever they may be. I prepared for my shot as I heard the footsteps of someone approaching. As pure luck would have it, the woman was wearing a red dress that matched the building and the flowers. I quickly clicked the shutter and hoped that I caught her in before she passed behind the building. She was walking very quickly, as you can see by the blurring motion of her figure. I was completely thrilled when I had the film printed that I caught the moment perfectly.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Last night was the opening for my show at Village Artisans in Yellow Springs. It wasn’t a large affair. The size was just right. Thank you to all the friends and family that came to see my work. Your support is fantastic! It was a good night for me just to exhale. I feel like I’ve been running full tilt for months now. I was just able to relax, enjoy good company and relive some of the moments from a most amazing trip. It was a night of personal celebrations.

I hit so many roadblocks getting ready for this show, but in the end everything just worked itself out. I think it looks good. I hope others will too. The other members of the co-op only know me as a fiber artist. Only a few know that I’m a photographer as well. I loved seeing people’s reaction to the work. One man told me that he was born in Italy. Looking at my photographs was like stepping back to his childhood. Such a kind compliment means so much to me. Many people said so many nice things. I actually had to joke when someone told that I had a good eye. I’d say, “You mean I shouldn’t quit my day job. Oh Well too late.”

Big THANK YOU’s go out to everyone that helped set up and provided food.

Those of you that didn’t make it, the show will be running through the end of the month. Please stop by and see it.

I’ll be periodically posting “Stories Behind the Images” So many photographs have a personal story that goes with them. I thought that might be a fun way to share.



Monday, October 22, 2007


It's been two years since my trip to Italy. This is one image that I was so excited about when I clicked the shutter. Then when the prints came back, I was underwhelmed. It lacked the vibrance of the moment. I knew if I played around with it. I could make the final image look like what I saw that day. Finally.... this IS what it was like to be there. This one is definately in the show.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I thought when I started this blog it might be a good way for me to share some of my more amusing Bianka stories. This one was not what I had in mind. Today I left for work a little earlier than usual, but not anything too out of the ordinary. Bianka knows the routine and hopped up in her kennel no problem.

Then I came home to this...

I have a set of pictures illustrating the relative positions of things in near her kennel in the kitchen before I left. Apparently she "walked" her cage about 18-20 inches to across the floor to grab a hold of the kitchen rug. After attempting to pull the rug into the cage with her, she decided to walk the cage back another two feet or so past its intial starting point. There she managed to pull down a jacket I had draped on the back of the chair, as well as a bag of plastic grocery bags set aside for recycling. Most of the bags made inside her cage with her. God only knows if she ate any of them. She also ate a few pretty little holes in my jacket.

Needless to say she was a busy little girl.....just think of what she would've done if she wasn't kenneled.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Feeling like a grown up.

You know it's a sure sign that your getting older when you start getting excited over "grown up" things. Case in point, I just purchased ( as a friend of mine puts it) "Big Girl" Furniture. The new sofa was delivered earlier this week, and I love it! It's HUGE!!! I call it my island of couch. I wanted a sofa that would be good for seating more than 2 people and was good for napping. This one does both quite well. I napped on it twice in the first day.

My dad asked "Did your new couch come with the black "accessory" with the tan trim? It looks good there." Obviously Bianka is making herself quite at home there.

We'll I think I'm off to the "island." (To quote Braveheart: "Its my island.")

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The first post...

Alright, here it is....the first official post to my blog. It feels pretty weird putting this all out there for the world to read. What I have to say and share doesn't feel all that important. Then the whole world isn't going to be looking at my little blog either. Right now I think I'm the only one looking at it.

Lately, I've been really busy. Many irons in the fire as usual. One of the current big projects is putting together my photography show in Yellow Springs. It has been extremely difficult going back through all the photographs from my Italy trip and narrowing it all down. I thought I'd periodically put a preview on this site.

Today's photo is a personal favorite, although I don't imagine that it will make the final cut for the show. But, for anyone that knows me, they'll understand.