Thursday, January 10, 2008

One Year Ago...

A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to get a dog. Around Christmas 2006 I happened to mention to my aunt, that is in charge of an animal shelter, that I was hoping to get a dog sometime over the winter. She asked what I was looking for. My mother had just spent months looking for the perfect dachshund puppy. (He's a whole other story.) I wasn't going to be that particular. I'd grown up with dachshunds, but basically I just wanted something that wouldn't get too big. I travel quite a bit and it would be nice if the dog could come with me some of the time. Besides I needed something that I'd be able to carry by myself in case an emergency trip to the vet's office was in order. Shorter haired would also be preferred due to an allergy condition that I've apparently developed. Other than than it didn't really matter. I told her I'd be thrilled if I could adopt a pet from a shelter. My aunt said she'd let me know if anything came up, and we left it at that.
Less than two weeks later, I get a phone call. Someone had brought in a 3 year old black and
tan female dachshund. She'd been wandering around this person's property for nearly a week, and when the weather took a turn for the colder they though she needed to go to the shelter. No tags and no collar, no id chip. She looked as if she had recently been nursing puppies, but no one had seen any sign of them. My aunt described her as a really sweet dog that just follows everyone around and wants to be petted. We agree that said she'd email me a picture and that would let her know.
So I open this photo and literally said to myself, "Uh oh! I think I have
a dog."

That was one year ago today. I like to think of it as the day that has launched a thousand stories. Little did I know how much this little, seemingly innocent dog would impact my life. (I'm not trying to get mushy here.) Within the first week of bringing her home, she ate an eight inch hole in my sofa. Let us not forget the daily moving of the kennel, which has resulted in tethers across my kitchen floor. (See previous posts.) Remember how she followed everyone around? It's called "seperation anxiety." My backyard now resembles Europe circa WWI with numerous trenches and fox holes. Then there are the snakes. (No, you'll just have to wait for another post to relive that one.)

Despite all the.....what should we call them....adventures (?) we've had in the last year, Miss Bianka has turned out to be a good little companion. She's makes me laugh every day and that makes it all worth it....when you don't factor in the sofa.

Here's to another year of "Adventures."

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Thomcub said...

Your dog is soooo cute.
reminds me of the dauschunds my ex had.