Saturday, June 28, 2008

When it drips it pours.

It was bound to happen. After a very long, fun-filled weekend, I've gotten sick. I'm blaming my current state of congestion on allergies. Regardless of the cause, I decided it would be best to stay home from work on Friday and not subject my coworkers to my drippiness.

It was a good day to stay home. I napped on the couch which made the puppy quite happy.

Somewhere after noon the dark clouds rolled overhead and the next thing I knew it was pouring down rain. The fact that it was raining made it an even better reason to stay curled up on the couch. That is until I heard the dripping noise coming from the next room.

I walk in to find my brand new window leaking in the front bedroom. I ran to check the back bedroom....also leaking. I quickly grabbed some towels and a small container to catch the water. Eventually the storm passed and the dripping subsided, well at least from the windows.

Now since Mother's Day my house has been stuck in the middle of a pretty large improvement project. For weeks my house has been stripped of its aluminum siding and then wrapped in Tyvek house wrap. Apparently the rain got behind the Tyvek and worked its way to through the window opening. The new siding is scheduled to go on this week (hopefully) which will fix the problem. In the mean time strong storms are supposed to head through the area, and this is my weekend to travel up to Ohio.

Duct tape to the rescue!!!! I managed to climb up and secure all the Tyvek to the house. I just hope it works. I'll find out tomorrow when I get back home. Keep your fingers crossed.

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