Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Bianka Story

So I’m contemplating changing the name of my blog The Dog Blog, since I’m finding out it’s becoming less about sharing bits of my life and more about sharing stories about Bianka. I know I talk about her as if she was my child, and honestly right now she is the closest thing I have to a child. But, no matter how much I dote on my dog, I do realize she is a dog. She digs up snakes in the backyard. She eats gross things. She sniffs other dog’s rears when she meets them and yes occasionally she gets into the trash. This is why she lives in a kennel when I’m not at home …that and the fact that she ate an eight in hole in my couch the first week I got her, but that’s another story

So off and on throughout the summer my father has been helping me with a home remodeling project. Back in May, Dad observed that Bianka spent most of the day asleep in her bed while I was at work. He suggested I try leaving her out of her cage during the day. That trial period lasted exactly 3 days. On the third day, I came home to find the contents of my bathroom trash shredded and strewn around the room. She has lost all freedom privileges after that, and she earned herself the nickname TED (trash eating dog.)

So, for the past week, my father has been back down to finish the various projects started earlier in the summer. Bianka loves it when “Grandpa” comes to visit because it she gets a break from kennel time as long as he’s around. Then, when I get home from work, I get the daily dog report. Today’s report was particularly entertaining. Dad came in from working outside to the little black dog with a white nose. At first he thought she’d gotten into the powdered sugar. Then he realized that, no, TED had returned. This time she’d gotten into the kitchen trash, drug out the paint rags that were disposed of the day before, and decided to redecorate. Thankfully, she Hadn’t ventured beyond the kitchen, so damage was minimal.

So I will say there are advantages to having a dog over children. When Grandpa goes home, I can resume locking Bianka in her kennel during the day, and I don’t have to worry about social services being called.

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Robin said...

Hey Crys,
Locking up the dog and not worrying about social services is exactly why I insist I will stick to having four-legged children :-) Incidently, I was in Petsmart one time buying a water bottle to hook on the cage. The woman behind me inquired about the strange looking bottle. When I told her the nozzle was tilted in such a way that it hooked to a cage, her eyes widened and she exclaimed "you leave that harmless creature in a cage!?" (Suddenly, all eyes in the store were on me.)
I responded, "First of all, he's not harmless, and secondly, he's not in there all day." I would have explained his fetish for my undies and how I was on my way to Victoria's Secret to replace what he destroyed, but she didn't let me. She moved to another line and I turned around and smiled, knowing I just executed that calm-assertive dominance Cesar Milan advocates.