Friday, May 15, 2009


So where in the world had Crystal been these days?
The short answer to that question is that I have fallen victim to May. May used to be my favorite month, but as I've gotten older, I find myself each year dreading May.   It seems to be too busy and I never really get to enjoy it.
This year I was hoping that I could take control.  Now here it is the month is half over and I've been fighting a good fight in trying to enjoy the month, despite the fact that my yard constantly needs mowing, I've been out of town and my house is once again under construction.  
So bare with me readers of the blogosphere. I am still alive. Bianka is still catching snakes in the backyard. (Her count is up to 5 now, an impressive 3 week total.)  I'm just trying step back, regroup, to get organized to allow myself to get through May, maybe this year will be the turning point.  

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Elaine said...

Look at it this way, It's May and the worst of the renovations are done WooHoo