Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bianka's Big City Road Trip.

I thought I'd better sneak in one last post with words before my August Break officially starts tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed a real break...a break from work, a break from the house, a break from everything. Not a major vacation, just getaway for a couple of days. So you know what this means.....Road trip!!! And since this was sort of an impromptu decision, I had one major thing to take into consideration. What to do with the Little Dog?

I called my pal, Paula, whom I'd planned on visiting in St. Louis and explained the situation. She asked "How is she in the car?" She's great. The dog is born for road trips. Then Paula said "Why not bring her along? You've done it before." But that was when we visiting you and your parents in the country. "So..." But you have a cat. "We'll work something out so that their not in the same room together. Just come visit for the weekend." And that was that.

So here we are as we get ready to embark on our big road trip adventure. Bianka is ready.


Now, Bianka is used to making a 2-3 hour road trip up to may parents house on a regular basis. This drive was going to be twice that. So a little over half-way I started getting this look.


This doesn't look like the way to Grandma and Grandpa's?
Where are we going?
Are we there yet?

So I tried to help Bianka pass the time by pointing out some of the sites.


Like the place where school buses apparently go to die, and the large pink and white elephants in the corn field, and the giant ketchup bottle. Come on. This is good stuff!

She's either saying
You're kidding me right?
Why are you taking pictures when you are supposed to be driving?

This is one of my favorite points when I go to St. Louis. That first moment when you catch peek of the Gateway Arch.

Destination - St. Louis. Mission accomplished!


I had no real agenda for my time in St. Louis. I was content just to sit and hang out, catch up on reading a few blogs, write in my journal, maybe walk around and take some photos. These are all things I can't seem to find time for when I'm at home. Mainly because I feel guilty in indulging in these activities, when I can see the laundry is piling up, the dishes need washed, and the grass needs mowed. But, if I'm away, it's all okay.


So for a couple of days I did just that. I found a favorite coffee shop that happens to be pet friendly, and I sat. I drank coffee, and read and wrote. Bianka was content to just hang out with me. She quietly sat by my side and watch the comings and goings of the regular customers. All in all she was much more well-behaved that I expected. It was great.


But after a couple of days of just sitting and being, I could tell the Little Dog was getting a little stir crazy. I think she was missing her backyard and snake hunting time.
So I decided to take her around and show her some of the sites in the neighborhood.

First stop The Campbell House. This was as far as she got. Sorry Binx. "No Dogs Allowed."

Nice Place. I could live here.
I wonder if they have any snakes in that yard.

I told Bianka I'd take her down to see the Arch. We geared up for a nice little 15 block walk to the Riverfront.

After a little hydration, the Little Dog was ready to go. Bianka was quick to learn all the things you have to pay attention to when getting around the city.


Always use the crosswalks. Look both ways before crossing the street. Pay attention to the crossing signals. Don't walk if the sign is red.

Be mindful of the side walk grates. Avoid them if you can.

road trip 10

Eventually we reached our destination, but Bianka seemed uninterested. She was more concerned with getting her Gentle Lead off her head than looking at the Arch.


She seemed even less impressed when I tried to take her picture at the Arch.


My little legs walked 15 blocks for this?


What's the big deal? It's a big metal thingy.

I've seen lots of big metal thingies all over this town.


Well. When you put it that way. I see your point.


Not that much different from Little Dog's perspective.


So I found an Arch that was more Bianka's size. ☺

Now that place looks interesting.

I see you eying that River Boat Casino. Maybe next time, Little Dog.


Jennifer said...

Stumbled upon your blog over at likey:) My best friend has a dachsund like yours...looks like you had fun in St. Louis with her:) Enjoy the break in August...I know I will!

tippytoes said...

The catsup bottle thingy was featured on the travel channel or the food network channel about a year ago.