Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug 25

When Ashleigh and I first talked about what she wanted for her maternity shoot. She said, "Do you remember the final scene in the movie Notting Hill? I want to do something kind of like that. "

Since it has been many,
many moons since I recalled watching that movie, I actually had to look it up and I found this...

Oh yeah...It all came flashing back to me Julia Robert, Hugh Grant. American movie star falls in love with an Englishman that owns a bookstore, or works in a bookstore, or maybe just frequents bookstores. Something like that, but the plot of the movie really doesn't matter. These final minutes of the movie are all that were really relevant to me. We can definitely do something like that.

So here is our version of that final scene.

There is actually more to this story, but you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow for that bit. Ashleigh and George week continues. Stay tuned...


happy me said...

Oh Crystal; I *LOVE* this! Those happy expectant parents are so fortunate to have you taking their maternity shots. So original!

And I had no idea that photo with the two couples was yours! Congratulations on being in the running!!! (I totally thought that shot was going to win; even before I knew it was yours!) :)

Debra @

Kimberly June said...

Sweet. I love that he's reading Curious George. :)