Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cheers mate

Several weeks ago my friend and co-worker, Kopana, was planning for her trip across the pond when she asked me what kind of souvenir I'd like. My first choice was of course Union Jack Converse, but I knew that would be a long shot. She suggested something commemorative of the upcoming Royal Wedding, like a Royal wedding barf bag. (No seriously. They exist.)

Instead of opting for that sort of high class souvenir, she found something more appropiate for me.


What could be more fitting than a Royal Wedding coffee (or tea) cup?

There was just one little problem...


It's kind of hard to enjoy a biscuit with your brew in this cup.


Then it occured to me that perhaps the cup wasn't for me.


No. It's even a bit small for Little Dog. Sorry Binx.

Aren't you forgetting the biscuit, Lady?


chris said...

I didn't notice you had your pinky up! Such manners! The Queen would never have you over for tea.

Crystal said...

Blast! Hopefully the Prime Minister isn't so easily offended.