Monday, April 4, 2011

A new snake strategy.

Now before you jump to conclusions. NO, Bianka has not started catching snakes this year. Actually, the little dog may have a slow start since she is still in recovery for 4 more weeks. That means no "off-the-leash" time. Yeah, like that's going to stop her.

Just yesterday she and I spent a good bit of the afternoon outdoors basking in the plentiful sunshine and warmer weather. Bianka immediately went to work searching for critters around our little pond, while I tended to the necessary outdoor chores, like mowing the yard. Now normally I'll see a snake or two long before the little dog catches her first one of the season. (I don't tell her this of course.) So, I thought it was odd that none crossed my path.

Maybe she's run them all off...or maybe the snakes are just getting smarter.

As I was leaving the house to run some errands, I looked over and found this guy hiding in my holly bush.


And when I say hiding in the holly bush, I really mean on the holly bush.


As you can see, he is far off the ground, a good four feet or so. Did the snakes finally figure out the dog is only 8 inches tall?

Could it be true that this their new strategy for survival? Have the snakes outsmarted the Little Dog?


Oh! Don't get cocky!

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Susan said...

OMG! Awesome picture!! I wouldn't have stood around to take one, but that is really cool!