Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A sense of time and taste

Several years ago, I found myself on top of this bridge, overlooking the Grand Canal.

The night before I had stopped here to have a cannoli, and when I found myself up very, very early this is the spot I chose to have breakfast. It was before tourists arrived; before the shops even opened. I watched the restaurants receive their daily shipment of supplies all by boat instead of bus, which to me was a total novelty. There was nothing particularly special about this moment, but I was fascinated by it. How many visitors get to see this everyday occurrence? And here I was experiencing it almost all by myself.
I shared the bridge with two others. There was me, and a older man in a bright orange suit. (We didn't speak, but I was really curious about his story, and I could not figure out a way so sneak a photo.)

We both watched quietly as along with this guy.

I suppose he sees this sort of thing everyday. But not me, this was my little moment to remember, and I tried to take it all in while I munched on my chocolate hazelnut cookies.

The cookies were such a treat, and rarely have I found them here in the states. Tonight, on an ordinary trip to my neighborhood Big Lots, I found these. A sweet reminder of an extraordinarily "ordinary" moment.

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Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net said...

lovely. one of these days I hope to follow my feet to Italy.