Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bianka 7 Snakes 0

Last year my mother called me up one day, just as excited as can be.  "I've found the perfect Christmas present for Bianka...... a toy snake."  (Yes, we buy presents for our pets. After all, they are family.)  It turned out to be Bianka's favorite toy.  I do believe that during the winter months, she used that toy to hone her skills at snake capture, because she's having a very successful season.
Today's catch made number seven for the season.  The post-capture stand-off lasted well over 30 minutes.  So what do you do while you're waiting on the dog to get bored with the snake? Why you take photos, of course. ( Since many of you are a little creeped out by seeing actual images of Bianka holding a snake in her mouth, I won't force the pictures on you.  They can be seen by clicking here.)
(Bianka and snake stunt double)

Knowing that my dog is a seasoned snake hunter many people ask me, "What does she do with the snakes after she catches them?"  Not wanting to think about what she would actually do  if she were unsupervised, I normally try to get the snake away from her,  which isn't easy.  She is quite the determined little dog and I have learned the hard way that a snake will only stretch SO far.  So, after over thirty minutes of attempts of coaxing and tricking the little dog into giving up the snake, I was the one that gave up. I went in the house and positioned myself so that I could still keep an eye on her.  The next thing I knew, she's laying on her back tossing the snake around just like her favorite toy.  Then she pranced around the yard carrying her snake proudly.
Occasionally, she stopped to shake it violently.  Then I noticed her starting to run toward the house, still with the snake mind you. 
Not wanting a repeat of last year's Mother's Day incident, I popped back outside to keep her from getting too close to the house.  I met her under the carport.  She stopped, looked up at me, then spit the snake out, wagged her tail and headed down the stairs to the basement. I guess all I had to do was to wait for her to finish playing.

(Bianka in action with stunt double)

Even as I write this post, Bianka is napping at the foot of my chair.  Every once in a while she fidgets and whines in her sleep. I can only imagine that she's hunting pesky snakes in her sleep too.

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