Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can you pick my nose?

It's always fun when I'm working at Village Artisans and my friend, and fellow Artisan, Nancy, stops in. One visit she asked if she could ink my hand for a print, to brush up on her study of palmistry. I am completely intrigued by that sort of thing so I willingly agreed. The results were very interesting.

So last month she pops in and asks "Can I get you plastered?" Well actually she wanted to take a plaster impression of my nose. Again, I willingly obliged. I've done this sort of thing before for various art projects. It's not a big deal. Of course,
any customers that came in during the process were curiously confused. Nancy explained that she and her JafaGirls were creating a "nose tree" to add to the collection of totems around town. So if you are wandering out the Village of Yellow Springs, be sure to look for the Nosy Tree. They have included photos of the nose owners. See if you can pick my nose.

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JafaBrit's Art said...

roflol, you are such a good sport :)