Monday, December 29, 2008

water water everywhere

Last Monday, the night I discovered the rain shower in my home, I was on my originally on my way to meet up with my friend Teresa for dinner and to exchange presents. Obviously, my plans changed.

That same night after the Serve Pro guys and my fabulous, "clean up crew" friends left. Teresa looked at me and said, "I still have your presents in the car." Why not? At that point there wasn't much to be done except wait for things to dry out.

I opened one package to find a beautiful piece of blue art glass. Teresa had picked up over the summer at an art fair. My first reaction was, "It's beautiful. It looks like a little splash." Then I began to giggle. "It's so appropriate that you gave it to me tonight!"

We both spent the next several minutes having a good laugh over the gift.

My issues with water didn't stop last Monday night. Tuesday, I walked into the kitchen to find the dishwasher leaking out onto the floor. Then over the weekend, while working in the shop in Yellow Springs, the roof began to leak.
Neither compares to Monday's ordeal, but I just found it funny. I'm going to visit a friend over New Year's. We'll see if my water woes follow me there.

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