Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It seems somewhat fitting that my first post for 2009 be on the day that many see as the beginning of a new era. I've heard so many people refer to today as one of those days that you will always remember where you were. Most often, when I hear folks talking about such historic events, it's in reference to terrible events. Previous generations recall with clarity exactly where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked; in Later years later when President Kennedy was assassinated. My generation all remembers where we were when the Challenger exploded, and of course within the last decade, 911. Today is special not just because it marks a new chapter in our nation's history, but because this landmark signifies a positive event.

I woke up this morning with a sense of today's importance. The media won't let you escape the fact that you're witnessing history in the making, but for me, the event was much more personal and for the first time I wanted to take part in it. I was completely awestruck at the first images of the nation's mall, flooded with nearly 2 million people. Around 11am we tried to stream the coverage only to get the message "You made it, however so did everyone else." One coworker managed to claim a bit of bandwidth, so her desk became our version of the mall. 

CNN was doing a special  asking for those in attendance of the inauguration to take a photo during the swearing in ceremony. The photos will become part of an interactive exhibit documenting the day.  I went to CNN.com looking for the link, but could not find it. Instead I found a special gallery of photos looking much like mine. Ordinary people in their homes and offices crowding around their TVs and computer screens. Whether  you voted for or against,  I think we can all agree that today was a special day. 


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