Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first Client Website part 2

Yay! I did it.
As promised I've embedded the my first client website here.

I did this session Sunday morning. Thank you to my dear friend Ashleigh for orchestrating it. It was quite an undertaking to get five individual couples living in three different cities together for a photo shoot. The session comprised of Ashleigh's family as well as her husband, George's. You might recognize one couple, Patrick and Liz, as one of my brides and grooms from earlier this summer. They were seasoned pros at this photo thing, but honestly, they all were amazingly cooperative and everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks for being so awesome guys.

(You'll also notice that I snuck one image into my new header. I just had to do it.)
I put the disclaimer in that these images were SOTC (Straight Out of The Camera,) but I wanted to put together something quickly for them to view. See, Patrick is getting ready to go overseas with the army next week. A perfect time to try out my new Showit Sites. This way they can enjoy their photos. In the mean time I can go in and put on the polish.

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