Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Binx...

I have spent the majority of this past weekend with my butt firmly planted in front of my home computer. I've been taking care of a long list of tasks that are way over do such as sorting photos, cleaning up files on the computer, learning how to build a website, catching up on blogging etc. etc.

Tonight resembled many of the last week. I was fighting html code. Bianka was is in the backyard. After a little while I heard a familiar whine at the door. As Bianka, whom I often call my little black dash, breezed past me like usual I noticed that she wasn't jingling. See, on her collar are her licence and rabies tag. They usually jingle when she walks, which is helpful if you are trying to locate a small, black dog in a dark yard at night.

Anyway, I didn't think much of it. I made my way back to my desk and continued my to work on my site and check Facebook. (You know the important things.) Just then Bianka ran into the room and tagged me with her front paws, as if to say, "Hello. I want your attention right now." As I pushed her down I noticed some dark spots on my area rug. Then I turned back to the dog who had decided to it was time to play "Chase me" and took off running through the house. I finally caught up to her in the kitchen.

Oh, Binx. What have you done now?

Well, this explains the spots on the rug.

And this is why you were so quiet.

Oh Binx.......

Why? Why do you do this to me?

It's bath time tonight for you Little Dog.

I know you hate it.

Clearly, this is some form of torture.

But, look how cute you are when you are all nice and clean.

Okay, you got me.
I'll admit you can be pretty cute like this too.


Elaine said...

Granddogger, You rock. Keep your mom on her toes.

JafaBrit's Art said...

LOL, oh she is an adorable minx that binx, and I love your photos.