Monday, October 31, 2011

My Little 5D

For over a year now I've been salivating over the Canon 5d MKII camera. It seems like every time I manage to save up the funds to purchase one of my very own, I have some unexpected expense that takes priority, like fixing the a/c in the car, replacing the furnace or paying for one Little Dog's recovery. (Being a responsible grown up sometimes just isn't any fun.)

That was what gave me inspiration for Bianka's Halloween costume this year.


On more than one occassion I've looked at her and said. "There's my 5d." But as much as I want that camera, that little face means more to me.

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chaton de luxe said...

Hello! I am doing photomeditations too. I've very much enjoyed looking through your blog! Annemarie
PS that is one very committed dog to photography :)