Saturday, October 30, 2010

recovery - week one

When the vet first brought Bianka out to me, I saw her little tail wag and I burst into tears. I felt such a did she. When they handed her to me she ended up peeing all down my side. Luckily I was wearing a raincoat, and really I didn't care. I had my dog back.

After six days in the hospital Miss Bianka Dog is finally home, and her spirits are good.

recovery 1

recovery 3

She has a incision that's about 10 inches long running down her spine, and she cannot walk or stand on her own yet.

recovery 2

But this isn't what she's the Little Dog is sad about. No. She's not happy about the 2 weeks of cage rest.

cage time 3

cage time 2

cage time

It'll be okay Bianka. Just rest for now.

PS Bianka is still working on her "self-control" and in the mean time I continue to wear my raincoat when I take her out. ☺

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