Friday, March 29, 2013

73/365 -- Roaming Gnome

One day last fall I noticed Little Dog roaming around the back yard with something strange in her mouth.  My first thought was "Oh Lord! What does she have this time?"



It turned out that she was carting around a small terra cotta gnome that lived in my garden.  I was curious why she carting him around the yard but I didn't worry about it too much. She's a strange little dog. She's done weirder things than this before.


A few minutes later I did a bit more investigating and finally figured out what the fascination was with Mr. Gnome.  It turns out the gnome is hollow, and a small critter had crawled all the way up inside.


After some careful negotiation (I'm sure bribery with a doggy cookie was involved) I managed to get the gnome away from Little Dog. The tiny critter scurried out while Bianka was distracted and he lived to tell the tale. 


Today was another story.   Little Dog has officially opened "hunting season" in  the back yard. Today she  captured another furry critter who wasn't as lucky as the one stowed away in the gnome.  

So Bianka 1 Vermin 0.


18 said...

Git' 'em Snake Killer!!!!

18 said...

Git 'em Snake Killer!!!!