Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First day of Spring

Each day  walking too and from work, bulbs are poking out of the ground.   Daffodils in front of the UK President' s  home have been blooming for well over a week. I've even noticed the creeping Phlox beginning to turn into little mounds of lavender flowers.  I love UK's campus in the spring.  It reminds me of being back in school  when a couple of friends and I conducted "flower raids." ( I shall plead the Fifth concerning any further details to this activity.)  Regardless the little hints to warmer, brighter days are a welcomed sight after a most unusual winter.

The calendar has said that it is spring for a week or so, although there have been no signs of it around my house.  I spent a bit of time working in the yard this weekend.  Yes,  I'm still cleaning up from last month.  Although the grass seems a bit greener,  things still look very bleak.  My yard has had a complete transformation, and I'm still adjusting to the change.  I keep telling myself it will get better when spring gets here. But, every day  I look out on to the  now emptier lot that has been nearly stripped of  nearly all its character, and I'll    
admit it makes me a little sad.  

Then today, I came home and was greeted by a little, sunny friend that has been away for almost a year.  Spring did finally arrive at my house too!

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