Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Madness

So the teams were announced on Sunday. Monday, I walk into work to find empty brackets being distributed around the office. Selection tactics are being discussed as Kathryn walks in....

"Kathryn we left you a bracket sheet on your desk."

"Great! For what sport?"

(Keep in mind, "work" is The University of Kentucky.)

Another priceless moment. Thanks Kathryn!!!!


Kathryn Lybarger said...

I plan to use some variant of the "who comes first alphabetically?" method, which seems to be working okay for me in the American Idol pool!

Bunheadky said...

working at uk $40000
getting to surf the web for pay $20000
skipping work for blue 2.0 $10000
Kathryn forgetting basketball PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Kathryn! I'm shocked and dismayed!