Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall in photos

It seems that fall was cut short this year. I can remember when I moved into my house a few years back, the leaves stayed on the trees  well into December.  I recall the man at the local hardware store laughing at me when I asked for a leaf rake while standing  amidst the sea of inflatable Christmas decorations. (This was before Home Depot decided to start the Christmas season in early October....which is wrong, but don't get me started on that one.)  Admittedly, my "leaves on trees gauge" has been thrown off a bit this year, since the bulk of my leaf makers were wiped out this past February, but it still seems that the cold winter weather has arrived early. 

I feel like we were cheated out of fall a bit this year. But given the shortness of the season, I'm extremely thankful that I had the opportunity to enjoy the few days we did have. Here are some photos from my few fall excursions.


I've always suggested the Lexington Cemetery to clients as a location for photographs. When I worked for another studio, I can remember talking to a lady on the phone.  She said, in a thick country accent, "Y'all take pictures in a graveyard?"  I had a hard time convincing her that it was a really beautiful place especially during the spring.  

So, a couple weeks ago my mom came to visit and she said "Can we take a drive through the cemetery? It was so pretty in the spring I want to see what it was looks like in fall."  I reluctantly agreed.  I've never thought to go there in fall.

I was blown away by the pallet of colors. I'm so glad my mom suggested it, and luckily I had my camera with me.


The following weekend some friends and I traveled down Loraine, KY to visit the Maker's Mark Distillery.  Nestled down in a little valley, Makers Mark loaded with classic Kentucky imagery. 

We took the distillery tour, did a bourbon tasting and even dipped our own bottle. It was an awesome field trip on a dreary, rainy day.


Now almost all the fall color is gone, and Christmas is looming. We've already had a significant snow (aka: a good dusting. It is Kentucky), and although I feel fall was way to short, today I'm going to tie up loose ends and prepare to embrace winter even if it's early.

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Elaine said...

Ok, so I took the same pictures from the same spot and your's look better than mine. I guess it must be that I am really short. I know your professional training has nothing to do with it!!!
We really did have a nice day (except for freezing our buts off). It just proves once again, every once and awhile I do have a good idea. Shocking isn't it.