Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Everyone has their favorite thing about the holidays be it the presents, the music, the parties, cookies etc. My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. When I was growing up, every year I looked forward going with my mom and dad to cut down our tree. Dad planted a small plot of evergreens, so we literally picked our tree out of the back yard. Then we'd get to decorate it. Dad would do the lights, mom the garland, and I got to have the fun of putting on all sparkly little ornaments. See the deal is, that I have a secret affinity for glitter, and Christmas is the only socially acceptable time to relish in that much glitter, outside of say Mardi Gras or Las Vegas.

This year, not feeling like fooling with a larger, traditional Christmas tree. I decided just to put up my VW tree. Yes, I have a Volkswagen Christmas tree. It all started when I was in college and driving my little bug around, I started amassing a fair number of Volkswagen ornaments. A few years back I thought, "Why don't I do a bug tree?". So far I have about thirty different VW ornaments.

I was recently telling a friend about my bug tree, and she laughingly said, "I want to see that." So here it is.

I know, it's a little random.

Every year I try to collect a new VW ornament, and here's the thing.....I always find at least one.

Here is this year's addition.

I think you can see why I just had to get this one.

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