Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Waiting Game

You know when you have a good day? I mean a really good day. The sun is shining. The birds were singing. You just feel wonderful for no real reason. Well, today was one of those days for me. The birds weren't singing because it was too cold, but the sun was shining and it was the same time. I think that's pretty cool personally. I was feeling fantastic. I'm attributing it to getting back to my yoga routine. I had many laughs at work, even more at lunch with one of my best friends. Everything was going great. Then I came home.

First off a little black dog greeted me at the door. "What's wrong with that?" you ask. Well, the little black dog is supposed to be in a kennel during the day.

( starty my inner monologue)

Okay. Don't panic. Maybe you forgot to lock the cage when you left. Yeah sure, it's unlikely but it's a possibility. Go check.

Nope. the cage door is locked. Oh, but the cage top isn't latched. What?! THE TOP ISN'T LATCHED?! How can that be? You check that. Oh shit. That' means she jumped up, pushed the lid open, and climbed out. Crap.

Oh God, What did the vet's at OSU say?:

The most important aspect of the medical management of IVDD is exercise restriction. Please keep Bianka in a small kennel, run or cage for 4-6 weeks. ...You can have her sitting down with you while your are at home , as long as you make sure she does not have a chance to jump on/off the furniture....

Shit! . Strike one. I'm sure jumping out of the cage is worse that jumping off the furniture. Okay damage control. Where was she? Downstairs looks okay. I don't think she would've gone upstairs. Go to the second floor just to double check.

Shit! She has been here! AND she's gotten into the trash. What a mess! God...I can't believe this. This is NOT GOOD!

from OSU :

Do not allow her to go up/down stairs.

Strike two. Damn. I've been so careful. I've been carrying her in and out to use the bathroom. I've been trying to keep her quiet. I've even tried to use my yoga breathing techniques. Obviously they haven't worked. Have we just shot ourselves in the foot? Has she hurt herself again? She looks okay. She's running around the kitchen. Wait! NO! Stop that! Go to your cage and calm down! sigh... It's hard to tell. What is normal at this point. Call the vet to double check...just in case.

(end inner monologue)

I called OSU just to be sure of what I should be watching for in terms of signs of injury. Basically I'm looking for the same thing I did two weeks ago, but remember she didn't show symptoms right away last time. Yeah sure, she looks okay now, but who knows what kind of damage has been done. This exactly what I was hoping to avoid. Too late now.

If I weren't so afraid the I'll be making another emergency trip to the hospital, I find the whole thing a little humorous. I've never read or seen Marley and Me but I imagine this same type of scenario. Unfortunately this is no laughing matter. Luckily, I have an appointment for Bianka to see her regular vet tomorrow. I just have to make it through the next 24 hours. I'm really worried but there isn't anything I can do at this point, except monitor and wait. Uhhhh.! I hate the Waiting Game. In the mean time Bianka's securely locked in her cage and I'm looking for my wine opener.

I swear this little dog is going to death of me.

PS. The folks at OSU kinda giggled when they said "Just keep her quiet. If you can."

We'll see. sigh. ...

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