Sunday, November 4, 2007


Last night was the opening for my show at Village Artisans in Yellow Springs. It wasn’t a large affair. The size was just right. Thank you to all the friends and family that came to see my work. Your support is fantastic! It was a good night for me just to exhale. I feel like I’ve been running full tilt for months now. I was just able to relax, enjoy good company and relive some of the moments from a most amazing trip. It was a night of personal celebrations.

I hit so many roadblocks getting ready for this show, but in the end everything just worked itself out. I think it looks good. I hope others will too. The other members of the co-op only know me as a fiber artist. Only a few know that I’m a photographer as well. I loved seeing people’s reaction to the work. One man told me that he was born in Italy. Looking at my photographs was like stepping back to his childhood. Such a kind compliment means so much to me. Many people said so many nice things. I actually had to joke when someone told that I had a good eye. I’d say, “You mean I shouldn’t quit my day job. Oh Well too late.”

Big THANK YOU’s go out to everyone that helped set up and provided food.

Those of you that didn’t make it, the show will be running through the end of the month. Please stop by and see it.

I’ll be periodically posting “Stories Behind the Images” So many photographs have a personal story that goes with them. I thought that might be a fun way to share.




Jafabrit said...

ah hah! you started blogging :) cool I look forward to hearing about the photographs. Will pop in sometime this week and check out your show.


crys said...

I have started blogging!!!! It's kinda weird and cool all at the same time. I'm running a slide show of more images while I'm in the shop....which is pretty much today. Thanks for checking out my site and my work. I pressed my face up to the glass at "would you could you" to see your work. She's never open when I'm here.


George and Ash said...

Everything looked so great! I am so happy for you!!!!!