Monday, November 5, 2007

The Story Behind the Image -- Lady in the Red Dress

Lady in the Red Dress is a simple little image that I have a fondness for. I was wandering the back alleyways of Venice, which honestly was one of the favorite parts of my trip. Most of the time, I wandered the streets without consulting a map. I figured eventually I’d come to the lagoon, and I’d figure out where I was then. Anyway, I came upon this very dark, narrow passageway and was struck by the color of the building at the end of the alley. I love beautiful faded red color. I set up to take a photo, but people kept passing through the scene. After waiting several moments, I thought “It might be more interesting if a person is passing through.” I decided to try to catch the next person that walked by whoever they may be. I prepared for my shot as I heard the footsteps of someone approaching. As pure luck would have it, the woman was wearing a red dress that matched the building and the flowers. I quickly clicked the shutter and hoped that I caught her in before she passed behind the building. She was walking very quickly, as you can see by the blurring motion of her figure. I was completely thrilled when I had the film printed that I caught the moment perfectly.


George and Ash said...

You are so great at capturing the perfect moment!

Jafabrit said...

It must have wonderful to come across this at the end of the alley and to walk all over the place.