Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crys' picks for Yellow Springs

This post is partly for my yoga instructor, Sharon. She's going to be coming up to YS for a yoga workshop and asked me for the skinny on things to do and see in town. Admittedly, I feel like I'm a visitor to the town even with all the time I spend there. Mostly this is because much of my time is dedicated to working at Village Artisans and not out exploring. That being said here's my list of favs.

#1 When you get close to Dayton tune the radio to 91.3 WYSO.  You know how I love my NPR. Well, I blame WYSO for this addiction.   Their programing is always eclectic. 

#2 Coffee. You have to love a town that has so many choices for a good cup of Joe. My personal favorite is Dino's Cappuccino's, especially if the daily brew is Highlander Grogg, Moonstruck Malzabar, or Jungle Love (Don't you love that name.) But the Emporium and the recently opened Brother Bear's can also hook you up with some great coffee too.

#3 Artsy shops. Time for shameless self-promotion here.
Village Artisans is a must. I've been a member here for 10 years, and it is the oldest artist's cooperative in the Miami Valley. You'd be surprised at the tallent of the people in the area, and usually the person working in the shop is on the artists. Be sure to ask which art they do. I also love Yellow Springs Pottery (another co-op), Would You Could You In a Frame, and the Shirley-Jones Gallery.

#4 Other Artsy spots. The whole town is covered in art. You'll find loads of murals on the building. Then there are the
Jafa Girls. These are the ladies responsible for decorating the park benches, the street signs, telephone poles and even trees about town with their colorful art.  Many of them are friends of mine and I love their creative energy. Then let us not forget about the Chamber Pot Gallery. The space is actually a public restroom, which can be hard to find in a town of this size, but here it is a Louvre in a Loo. Check it it. It's a lot of fun.

#5 More fun shops. There are too many to list here but check out the
Chamber of Commerce site for a complete listing. My personal favorite is Mr. Fub's Party. Nothing like an old fashioned toy store to make you feel young again. I also love a good bookstore, and Sam & Eddie's Open Books is a fun place check out.

#6 Nature. Its everywhere. (I know it sounds cheesey.)
Glen Helen is one of my favorite places, and sadly, I've not been there in years. I need to fix that. The Glen runs along the Eastern side of the town and has a variety of hot spots, including the town's namesake, the Yellow Spring. There is a trail map that is handy to help you find your way through the Glen. If that isn't enough there's also John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve nearby.

#7 Food. Most of the time when I'm in town, my dining experiences are limited to things I can grab quickly and get back to the store. That's when Ha Ha Pizza saves the day. My favorite mushroom, artichoke, and black olive on whole wheat crust. YUM! I also enjoy the eggplant sub. There are plenty of other wonderful places to eat, but like I said I'm usually on the go and don't get to enjoy places like
William's Eatery, The Winds or Current Cuisine.  

#8  Misc things.  There are other sites to see.  Saturday Mornings is the Farmer's Market in the parking log behind King's Yard off Walnut Street.  On weekends it isn't unusual to find musicians jamming on the street.  You can rent bikes or roller blades and hit the bike path. Just north of town there is the ever popular Young's Jersey Dairy. This started out as a working Jersey farm, and it still is, but it has grown to be an attraction in and of itself with hayrides, a petting farm and even a miniature golf course named Utters and Putters.   It's fun to go up feed the goats, say "hi" to the cows, and get some of the best homemade ice cream.  In the evening you can take in a movie at the Little Art Theatre.

So that is my little list of thing I like to do in Yellow Springs.  Writing this has made me long for a day when I have more time there myself.  I'd like to hang out and explore, and perhaps find some new favs to ad the list. 

I hope you get the chance to Explore Yellow Springs.


Sharon Tessandori said...

Looks like a complete list to me. I'll print this off and hit as many faves of yours as I can. So much to do and so little time! And of course I'll go and check out your stuff!

Thanks Crystal! I appreciate it. :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

ah, thanks for the shout out Crystal. I do have to agree about the Village Artisans, a wonderful range of work and talent.

Crystal said...

I'm thinking for my birthday I'm going to treat myself to a day exploring Yellow Springs at my leisure. Ever since reading a post on Corrine's blog a few weeks back, I've longed to go for a hike in the Glen. It has been way too long.