Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Work In Progress

Many months ago I decided to start a second blog...a photo blog. I've dabbled in it a little here and there, but I've never felt like it was finished. Therefore I've not wanted to promote it. Well, guess what? It's still not "finished." I can't decide if I like the categories or the way I've done the header, or if I should change the background color, but you know my real hesitation has to do more with fear and insecurity than anything.  

The fear and anxiety is associated with announcing the blog directly correlates with the fear and anxiety about adding the business aspect to my photography.   I definitely have more of an artistic sensibility when it comes to this type of thing.  The thought of a "business plan" intimidates the hell out of me, and, it's this type of intimidation that keeps me from working toward my goals...which in a way is sort of ironic because I'm not really even sure what my goals are yet.  
I know I need to get over this hang-up because the fear takes over and I end up doing nothing.

So, let's adopt the artistic attitude.  
Create something.  Give it a little time. Evaluate and respond to it.  Be okay with the fact that it is most likely going to change. Be okay with not knowing which direction this is going to take you.  Remind yourself that you do not have to have this all figured out before you actually do it. (If you did....well then what's the point?)

So my blog, like my "business" (and I use the term very loosely) is a work in progress. 
I don't have a logo yet, nor an official website, and that is okay for now.  If you'd like to stop by and check it out, please visit  I'll be posting some of my images and stories, and perhaps images I find by other people.  I love the idea of sharing knowledge, so I'll pass along tips, tricks, and interesting tidbits along the way. 

I openly welcome input and comments from anyone that checks it out. Please check back from time to time. Right now I'm adding posts from the various sessions did over the last year, plus my personal photography. Also I'm sure the layout and the categories will change from time to time. It might be fun to watch the progression. 

Don't worry you loyal readers of this blog, and I mean all 5 of you.  I'm still keeping this blog. There will very likely be some cross posting, but I think I'll keep the other one more focused (no pun intended) on photography.  Yes, the Bianka Snake Hunting stats will still be broadcast so you can update your tally sheets.*
*Incidentally Snake Hunting Season officially opened yesterday.  Stats to be posted soon.

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