Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snake Hunting Season -OPEN

Yesterday marked the opening of  garter snake hunting season.  As I mowed the grass and did other yard work, Bianka was on the search.    A couple of sightings in the morning, but it wasn't until 2:00 did she get a confirmed catch.  Now because the this is usually followed by a 30 minute stand-off, with her guarding her catch, I ended up missing a workshop I was trying to squeeze into my day.  Oh well. It beats the alternative, her bringing the thing into the house with her.  

Not much later I came inside for a minute or two only to have the little dog scratch at the door and beg for me to follow her back into the yard, as if to say, "Come look at what I've done." There it was. Snake #2.   Two confirmed snake catches in one day....and here I had thought snake numbers would be down this year with the removal of overgrown vegetation and Bianka's impressive stats from last year. I guess I was wrong. 

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