Saturday, January 9, 2010

why I choose to unravel.

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The other day, as I eft the house to go to work. I found these footprints leading toward my house. They startled me. I didn't recognize them. Of course my first thought was that they were my own, but the there was something not right about them. First they weren't converse which I had worn the day before. They were on the sidewalk. I normally cut through the grass. And, they looked big like boots.
Then I noticed that they stopped at the house.There wasn't a second set leading away. I back tracked them through the snow but couldn't really determine where they came from. I started creeping myself out. Who had been in front of my house, and why?
I took a few pictures and tried to analyze them some more. Then I realized something. They were my footprints from the night before. The tell tale sign was the trail off of the heel. I forgot that I slipped into a pair of clogs and I always drag my left heel.
Anyway, I laughed at myself for a little while, but later thought that's a good story to explain why I'm doing the Unraveling course. To put it simply sometimes I see little bits or traces of myself and I think. Is this REALLY me? I don't know. That's what I hope to find out. In the mean time I have to be willing to laugh at myself along the way. I'm good at that. :-)

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beth said...

unraveling is a journey all about us...

as women...moms, daughters, sisiters,aunts....

and really...isn't this the best way to start a new year ?

so glad you are on this let's go play...