Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Snowy Mornings

You know there are days when I miss driving my VW, like this morning for example. I backed my PT Cruiser out of the driveway, shifted from reverse to drive, pressed on the gas, and nothing. Wheels spun a little. The engine revved, but no forward motion. After a minute or two of persistent attempts I made it slowly up my street. In the bug, I wouldn't have had this trouble, I also wouldn't have had any heat, and most likely my windshield would have frosted up on the inside, but that's not my point right now.


JafaBrit's Art said...

ooooh, I have a pt cruiser too, we are in the same club lol! what colour is yours? Mine is a soft sky blue. I LOVE my pt cruiser.

Crystal said...

Mine is Navy Blue. It's a fun little car. Not as fun as a VW, but it has heat! There's a picture of it in the post "Cruisin"