Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15/365 things that bring me joy -sparkles

By know if you have looked at my blog you know I have a thing for Converse shoes.   You may not know that I love sparkle...glitter, sequins, crystals (ha!) you name it.  I've even been lobbying for a while now for a disco ball in my office at work.

This year I received this pair as a Christmas gift.  Pink and sparkly?  Whoo Hoo!  The color pink has extra significance to me now.  Just before Thanksgiving my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her prognosis is extremely good, but she will still be undergoing certain treatments.   Today, she began her six week course of radiation.  I wore these as a dedication to her.

It occurred to me after the fact that I was standing on no less than 4 cracks. I hope that old childhood superstition isn't true. Mom? How's your back?

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