Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2/365- Big Things

In 2012 I was able to cross a few more items off my bucket list. The biggest of these was to see the Grand Canyon.  So in May Mr. Boyfriend and I took trip to Arizona.  As I looked out from the southern rim, it was hard to believe that what I was seeing was real.  We all joked that it wasn't. "It's all CG. That's all."

I tried to wrap my head around how many million years it took for water to carve out this vast space.  After a while I had to give up. My poor brain sometimes can't handle things of that magnitude.


I'm the tiny purplish spec in the middle.

PS. Another thing I'm having a hard time fulling comprehending is the fact that in a little over a 48 hour time period, over half a million people viewed one of my photos.  That's just insane.   We can thank Mr. Boyfriend for that too. He's the one that posted it.  

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