Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something new for 2013

Many of my friends have done various forms of a project 365 (366) and I'm completely in awe of their dedication to taking and posting a photo every day for a whole year.  I've tried a couple times to do a Project 52, simply posting a photo once a week.  I failed miserably.  Taking the photos isn't the problem, getting them shared is another story. Consequently I have thousands of photos built up on harddrives that never get seen by anyone other than me.   :(

So this year I'm trying something different. I'm going to try a Reverse 365, where everyday I post photos from the years past.  This could be fun. Let's give it a try.  I make no promises (based on my past attempts.)  If this time next year I have 365 photo posted on the little blog.  It will be a...

2012-11-03 18.03.12

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