Monday, June 1, 2009

Seasonal Surprises

It seems like summer is sneaking up on us now, but that's okay. It is June after all. Where does the time go?
I'll start off by getting Bianka's snake count up to date. As of  June 1st, she's caught 7 snakes. I'm starting to get requests by members of my family to rent her out as a snake removal service. 
I'm not exactly happy that she's catching so many of these little guys. After all they are good for my garden, but try telling that to the little dog.

Speaking of gardens my very first strawberries of the season are starting to ripen.  I ate this little guy right  about 2 seconds after snapping this picture. Nothing beats freshly picked garden goodies. I have about a dozen plants all together I can't wait until the rest ripen. In the mean time I'll take a small hand-full of berries each day for my granola and yogurt or perhaps a smoothie. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................

While I was admiring and  savoring my sweet strawberries.  Bianka was fixated on something else. I found her along the fence-line whining and growling.  Dirt was flying under her feet as she was trying to dig her way under the fence.   Whatever she was after, it was actually in the neighbor's yard, but that wasn't slowing her down any.  

I ignored her antics at first, figuring she was after Snake #8, but when she grabbed the fence with her teeth and started pulling on it, I figured this had to be something else. Any snake in its right mind would've been long gone by now with the ruckus she was creating.

I decided to investigate the situation and quickly found out what all the fuss was about.  

Yes, that's it....a turtle, and he was just out of Bianka's reach...

...not that she didn't try with all her might.

For his own safety and my sanity, I removed the turtle and set him loose in another part of the yard.  Hopefully he's found another quieter place to rest.

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