Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When Missy Met Johnny (the back story)

Remember that movie When Harry Met Sally? It's a personal favorite of mine. My favorite parts are the interviews with the older couples each recounting how they first met. Did you know that those were all real couples, not actors? (Just a bit o' trivia there for you.) Anyway, I imagine in thirty to forty years if they were to ever remake make that movie they might choose Missy and Johnny to do an interview, because their story is a special one.

Johnny and I have been friends since college, a good ten plus years now, back when I was a grungy, sleep-deprived art student that had all but moved into the UK Photo Lab. After college, Johnny decided to start up his own photography studio back home in Georgetown. He and I would run into one another off and on at photography conferences or at the local camera shop. For a while it seemed like every time I went to Murphy's, he'd coincidentally be there.

Missy and I didn't meet until a few years later. She and I worked together at Holifield Photography. We actually started on the very same day. She was the behind the scenes, production girl. I was on the front lines, customer service gal and later photographer. Often I sought refuge in her office when I needed a momentary break from the hustle and bustle of the front desk or camera rooms. Prior to this time, Missy had worked at Murphy's Camera with her best friend, Lorri. Lorri eventually came to the studio and a few months later Missy followed. It turns out Missy, Lorri and I were acquainted with many of the same people due to our mutual photography interests. Over the years we became more than just coworkers, we became close friends. We saw each other through all that life dished out...engagements, weddings, break-ups, pregnancies, births, heart breaks and divorce. Eventually Missy, left the studio to go back to school and pursue her Master's degree, but Lorri and I continued to work together until my move to UK last year.

(the three amigos..or is it amigas?)

Missy and Johnny...RIGHT! Okay, so, remember how I said I'd occasionally bump into Johnny at photography related events? Well, back in 2005 or so he and I met up at the KPPA convention in Covington. After a good bit of catching up and hanging out, I convinced him that he needed to come down to Lexington and stop by the studio, which eventually he did. This is where Fate steps in....Fate also known as Lorri. As I was showing Johnny around, we heard a voice say. "Is that Johnny Farris?!" Turns out Lorri knew Johnny from her days working at Murphy's. It's a small world. The began their own version of catching up and she asks if he remember happens to remember Missy. A few minutes later she handed him Missy's number and suggests he give her a call so they can go out shooting (photographing) together some time.

Not long after Missy and Johnny did go out. (I forget who called who, because Lorri was sure to get Johnny's number too before he left.) Missy told me they both liked each other very much but the timing wasn't right. At the time, Missy was recently divorced and adjusting to her raising her daughter on her own and her recent decision to go back to school.

Now their story doesn't end there. Fast forward a couple of years; Fate (the real one this time) steps in again. Missy went out for Halloween with some of her friends, and guess who she bumps into? She and Johnny decided to give it another shot . This time things sparked. A couple of months later I got and excited phone call from Lorri. "You'll never guess who Missy is dating?!" The next time I saw Johnny, he greeted me with his usual bear hug and all I could do was say "I'm so happy for you. OMG You two are perfect for each other!"

Missy and Johnny are getting married on Saturday, and I can't tell you how excited I am for them. We recently had a surprise wedding shower for the couple. Lorri and I casually reminded the two of them of our early involvenment that is now leading to their nuptuals.

No need to thank us guys. We couldn't be happier for you both.

(Your meddling and modest friends, Lorri and Crys.)

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Elaine said...

Missy and Johnny, I wish you the very best. You both deserve the happiest life ever. Tell Sophie she is welcome to come clean my house and teach my dog some manners any time she wants.
Have a very special day Sat.