Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/30 never say never

A few years ago, my cousin called me in a state of almost panic. "Crystal I need to ask a huge favor!" It seems her maid of honor had bowed out at the last minute, leaving her without an attendant just eight days before her wedding. She asked me to be what we call the EMOH (Emergency Maid of Honor.)

No problem I was honored and willing to step up to the task. She even gave me carte blanche with regards to attire, with one tiny request. "Please don't wear your chucks." Now deep in the back of my mind I was thinking "I would never think to wear chucks to formal occasion such as a wedding. What kind of person does she take me for?"

Well never say never.

This past week I traveled to St. Louis for my best friend's wedding. I was scurrying around trying to get ready and pack my gear in the car. That's when it happened. SPLAT! I fell down the stairs at my friend's apartment. And when I fall, I fall with gusto. I lost my footing somewhere in the middle and landed flat on my back at the bottom. Admittedly I was a little stunned by the whole ordeal but I tried to regroup as best I could. I just had one little problem.

Why I was forced to wear Chucks

I had ripped the heel off my one of my dress shoes. We were leaving for the ceremony in minutes, no time for emergency shoe shopping. This left me with two choices, wear my chucks or go barefoot.

formal attire

I opted for the chucks. This pair would not have been my first choice by any means. I probably would've gone for something a little dressier, like my aqua chucks with the flower and butterfly on the side, but that's just me.

Meanwhile I have a bruise the approximate size and shape of Australia on my backside. (I have pictures of it but this is a family show.) And, the makers of extra-strength tylenol are pure genius.

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