Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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I know it seems silly to be doing a post of engagement photos just three days after the couple's wedding, but I'm invoking the August Break rules here. Meaning, there are no rules and I can do whatever I want. My apologies to Michelle and TJ for not doing a more formal blog post from their engagement session in a more timely manner.

I thought I'd start with this image because it kind of sums up some of the logistical issues surrounding their photo shoot. Michelle and TJ live in Ohio. I live in Kentucky, about two and half hours away. This wasn't really a big deal in theory because I was traveling to Ohio on three separate weekends in April. (Yes. Yes. These are from April. I've already told you I'm very late. Get over it already.)
After much juggling of schedules we came up with a day when they were both free and I was in the area. One little problem. It rained. Like all day rained. :( Remember all of those crazy storms back in April? This was exactly the time we were trying to work these in.

Knowing full well that no one can control the weather. We rescheduled for the following weekend and guess what? It rained. Luckily we had a small window of time when it looked as if the weather gods were going to cooperate. We seized this opportunity, keeping our eyes on the sky the whole time.

Thankfully, both Michelle and TJ have a go with the flow attitude as well as good senses of humor.

As it turned out it only sprinkled once or twice and we were able to complete our shoot.

Michelle and TJ even brought along a very special guest, Flyer, the newest member of their family.

Let's face it. It was really hard trying not to let this cute little guy steal the show. And as much as I love my little dachshunds, having a puppy on the photo shoot does present some challenges.

But in all seriousness. I had a great time photographing Michelle and TJ (and Flyer.) Lots of laughter was involved, and I got to play with a little puppy. What's not to love about that?!

After spending some time getting to know this couple and seeing how they took everything in stride when dealing with in-climate weather, schedule constraints and the added distraction of a puppy on the photo shoot, I knew they would be the same way on their wedding day. And it was true. Everything went off without a hitch and they were as easing going as can be. Of course Flyer wasn't there. :-)

Here's the wedding teaser image I promised.

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