Friday, August 5, 2011

8/5 Instagram Love!!!

Back in March or April, I got an Ipad. (I hate to admit how much I love this little piece of technology, but that is a subject for another post.) One of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram. After seeing all the examples my friends were posting on facebook, I knew I had to have it. Vintage photo borders, cool retro effects, tilt-shift options. Why wouldn't a self-proclaimed photo nerd love this App. Oh! And did I mention the price....FREE!!!! Love that!

So after several months of playing around with the app, I have noticed a strange phenomenon.

Birthday lunch.

My coffee mug says it all today.

Birthday pie!!!

What is it about Instagram that compels me to photograph what I eat and drink?


Veggie sandwich

I mean seriously. Do I think anyone really cares about this? No, but I still do it. And so do lots of other people.

Spinach salad

Dinner for  <a href=

It's kind of weird. Harmless but weird. I just don't get it.

Sunday morning coffee on the deck

Dinner on the back porch

Okay maybe food isn't the only thing I share on Instagram.

Little dog looking extra cute this morning


happy me said...

Love your photos!
Especially the 'Pizza & BareFeet' shot!
And the puppy-face at the end? So sweet!*

*Also? Please send me that coffee cup right away! I *WANT* it!

Enjoy your weekend!

Debra (

K said...

nothing wrong with food pictures! i try to limit the number of posts i do about what i eat, but it just happens! = )

Amanda said...

Oh your photos are great! Looks like you're having a great August so far! I'm participating in the August Break too! I'm doing this photo a day thing so I thought I'd just join right in on the August Break too! :)